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First Episode

The Beginning of the Adventure

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Episode Length

Around 5 minutes



Wolf Ridge was a short series of videos filmed by ILVGwebmaster.


ILVGwebmaster is at a camp called Wolf Ridge. Most of the series is video clips of him recording his experiences there. He does a lot of interesting and wild things on the show. Some activities or adventures include capturing Riley with a net, eating poop, going through a ropes course, and many more.


ILVGwebmaster as Himself

Emoevan7 as Himself

A-bomb as Himself

Battlebears as Himself

Vocodes as Herself

Riley as Himself

Alec S. as Himself

Joe S. as Himself

Episode GuideEdit

Episode 1: The Beginning of the Adventure

Episode 2: The Hunt for Poop and Orcs

Episode 3: On the Line

Episode 4: Mushrooms R Sweet


  • Wolf Ridge is the only show to have run it's full course and finish the show without a premature end.
  • As of right now it is the shortest running ILVG series to end. Only 4 episodes.
  • This is one of the few of ILVG's unscripted shows.

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