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The Froggalings


Mario, Peach, Bowser, and the koopalings

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King Wart is a minor character on The Toad Show.


Wart was born with a deformity. His skin was slimy and mooshy instead of scaly and hard. He had no shell either. The Koopa King had his son cast off. Wart searched the Mushroom Kingdom for a home. A group of Shy Guys found him and took him with them. He became the king of their land, known as Subcon. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad all came to fight him because he was an ugly monster. Little did they know that he wasn't evil at all but just a kind frog creature. After the battle he relized how ugly he was and how he would never get a woman. So the frog King asexually reproduced 7 frog children.


As he hates his older brother, he is much unlike him. His brother is evil and ruthless but Wart is nice and happy. Wart is not evil, Mario just thinks he is. Wart has an insane imagination and is a great inventor much unlike his brother. However instead of using these great skills for evil, he uses them to help people. Bowser tricks his brother into making inventions for him by lieing to Wart about their use. He'll have Wart make him a mega vaccum and tell him it's to clean up the Mushroom Kingdom but he'll actually use it to suck up homes and citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Wart is very lazy also. Many of his inventions are used to help him with his lazyness. He also has a serious gas problem.


  • Wart did actually appear in the Christmas Special along with the Froggalings. They were all hiding behind the christmas tree.
  • His voice is unlike any others in The Toad Show.
  • Wart appears rarely on The Toad Show, Only in the Christmas Special, The Koopalings Meet the Froggalings, Party of the Century, and I Made it Tribute.