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Wario is an antagonist on The Toad Show and was a contestant on Toadal Drama Island. The former Screaming Shy Guy Quit and placed 20th overall.


Wario is Mario's evil clone. Bowser had a new plan to defeat the Mario Bros. During the night, Bowser snuck into Mario's house and drugged him out. He took a sample of hair from Mario and put it into a cloning machine. Soon Wario was born. He and his brother, Waluigi, ran out on Bowser and lived their own lives. Sadly the first person they met after cloning was a rapist drug dealer who taught them right from wrong or more like the opposite. They became horrible people and crazy pervs.


Wario is one of the most perverted characters in any of ILVGwebmaster's series. He constantly talks about his balls and other parts often. Wario stalks girls and tries to rape them. He also is an alchoholic and druggie. Wario is pretty gross too and burps and farts often. His greed is another huge trait. He would sell his brother for little more than 10 coins.


Other than his bro, Waluigi, he has no friends. He and Waluigi are butt buddies and do everything together. All girls hate him because he tries to rape them. Other dudes hate him because they can't tell if he's gay or not and stay away just in case. Bowser dislikes the two for running out on him after he created them.


Wario quit the show for many reasons. The main reason was because he betrayed his brother and voted him out. He felt bad and cried about it the entire episode. Wario also lost the challenge for the team and was very annoying. He may have quit because he felt threatened. While on the Boat of Losers, he met his brother there and apologized for his actions. Waluigi responded by punching him in the face.


  • Wario is the only quiter on Toadal Drama Island.
  • Wario contributed to every elimination on The Screaming Shy Guys, even his own.
  • Wario and Waluigi are very disliked by fans for unown reasons.
  • His obsession with balls originated from The Halloween Special as did many other running gags.
  • Wario is also a former pimp named "Gator".


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