Pikachu, Max, Black Yoshi and Crack Yoshi


NegaWaffles, Donkey Kong, Crack Rat, and Chichi

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Waffles is one of the two main characters of Pikachu and Waffles Adventures. He also does ILVG's movie reviews and is one of the three mascots of ILVG, along with Toad and Pikachu.


When Waffles was young his parents were taken hostage by McDonalds, Leaving him to take care of himself and his 3 younger brothers. Since then he has made it his goal to hunt down his parents killer and bring them to justice. He wandered around the land waiting to get his revenge. Waffles met Pikachu in the tall grass and instantly they became friends. They moved in together and so did one of Waffles brothers Max. They also took in the moronic ape Donkey Kong and the town's drug dealer Crack Yoshi. His ability to create highly advanced devices.
Waffles stats

Waffles Stats


Waffles is very intellegent and creates alot of inventions. Although these inventions usally dont do what intended they often do more extrodinary things such as time travel, teleportation, and virtualization. Waffles is very calm and is Pikachu's voice of reason. Although Waffles is usally happy and collected when he or his friends are in danger he become very agressive and strong.


Waffles is very kind and very friendly. Because of this Waffles is very likable and it makes it hard to not like him. This is why he has almost no enimies and alot of friends. Waffles best friend is Pikachu, they have alot in common such as playing lots of video games and causing trouble. One of the only enimies waffle's has is NegaWaffles. NegaWaffles is Waffle's dark version. When he was created his only goal was to kill Waffles. This started the long standing rivalry between them.


  • Coincidently Waffles favorite food is waffles.
  • Besides Max, Waffle's other brothers names are Cereal and Pancakes.
  • Waffles is obsessed with chocolate milk.
  • Nintendo is Waffles favorite company.


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