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Turtwig is a supporting character on Pikachu and Waffles Adventures and a contestant on Total Stuffed Island.


Turtwig was born in a volcano. Strangely he survived inside for around ten years. The heat turned him into a retard since he was a grass type. While Meowth was on a hunt for retards to lock away in his retard prison, he found Turtwig and brought him with him. Turtwig met Psyduck there. The two broke out after a year in the retard prison. Now they live with Pikachu and Waffles and have fun adventures with them.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Turtwig is introduced in New Heights. When he is first seen he screams retarded stuff. He says Psyduck is his retarded buddy and they are best friends. Turtwig is the second to last who jumps. He lands safely on Pikachu.

In Dreaming About Your Balls, they screamed "We are the Retarded Buddies". Valentino locked them in a cage since they were so loud.

In the beginning of Melon Vs. Melon, the two are shown sleeping along with everyone else. While Valentino is giving his gay speech, he is still asleep. When Crackachu attempts to smash the melon, Psyduck and Turtwig say he sucks. Turtwig says he sucks testicles. Mime Jr. says he does too. In the two episodes afterwards the characters large roles diminised. They didn't speak at all in Satan's Balls and Crock of Crap.


Turtwig has multiple mental disabilities. He has poor speaking and motor skills, often stumbling on his own words and running into things. Turtwig is the loudest of the two retarded buddies and the more mentally disabled. However he is much more street smart than Psyduck is. Turtwig is still very gullible and often is tricked by drug dealers like Crack Rat, Chi Chi, and Crack Bear.


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