The episode starts with Toad introducing the final five contestants. Boo the friendly ghost, Mimi the evil girl, Kamek the wizard, Peach, the princess and Petey, the idiotic Piranha Plant. All their back stories are explained. Jimmy reminds Toad that he already introduced the episode and he's wasting time with filler. Toad scolds Jimmy for interrupting him again, but suddeny three monsters appear out of nowhere, and one of them devours Jimmy. After seeing this, Toad runs off. The monsters grow to enormous size and start roaring away. We cut to Petey, Boo, and Peach wondering what happening to the island. Suddenly a giant yellow blob thing appears right in front of them, which startles Peach. Kamek runs past them and yells "Run Away"! The others follow right behind him. Peach asks what's going on, and Toad replies, "The Challenge thats what". Toad explains that in an earlier episode, Daisy and Carl snuck into the core and activated the island's pause button to stop the island from collapsing. But since the island's infested with monsters, it's likely the button has been deactivated. Toad tells the campers there's a lever located around that same area. If it's pulled the monsters go into sleep mode. The contestant who activates the switch first wins immunity. Toad is then taken away by bird before he could finish his sentence. Kamek flies off on a broomstick while laughing maniacally. Mimi claims she's got this challenge, but Peach says she doesn't and she's going to win and claims she so sick of Mimi. Mimi pretends to be scared of Peach. Mimi claims she is the strongest in the game and she had stripped Peach of her power and dignity. Peach comes up to Mimi's face and demands to take back the insult. Mimi refuses, and Peach slaps her across her face, knocking her down. Peach says Mimi isn't as tough she claims she is. Suddenly, Mimi snaps. She got up, starts yelling twists her neck around and transform into her spider form.

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