Toadal Drama Island

First Episode

Not So Happy Campers- Part 1

# of Episodes


# of Seasons



ILVGwebmaster and Emoevan7

Episode Length

15-20 Min


Reality Show

Succeeded by

Toadal Drama Island (Season 0.5)

Toadal Drama Island (also known as Season 0) is an animated show created by Tyler Donnay and Emoevan7. The show ended after Emoevan7 left the show. Tyler Donnay rebooted the show, utilizing the video game Garry's Mod to animate the show. It is about twenty-six characters from The Toad Show duking it out to win a Million dollar prize.

The show was removed from YouTube and re-uploaded as Toadal Drama Island [RECUT], a version that aimed to cut out copyrighted material and inappropriate content from the show.


The Show follows 26 contestants from the mario series at a crummy camp battleing for a million dollar prize provided by the host of the show, Toad. The contestants are put onto teams and forced to compete against each other in challenges. The loseing team of the challenge will go to a Campfire Ceremony and vote a teamate out, walk the dock of shame, and board the Boat of Losers. Many twists will be added along the way to challenge our campers. The last contestant standing wins.

Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: Not So Happy Campers
  • Episode 2: Not So Happy Campers Part 2
  • Episode 3: The Big Sleep
  • Episode 4: Dodgebrawl
  • Episode 5: Not Quite Famous
  • Episode 6: The Sucky Outdoors
  • Episode 7: Phobia Factor
  • Episode 8: Up the Creek
  • Episode 9: Paintball Deerhunt


Participant Team Status Placing Reason
BJ Killer Koopas

1st Voted Out

Not So Happy Campers-Pt. 2

26th Screwed up the challenge for team by not showing up for the second half of it. Also sucked at the first challenge.


Screaming Shy guys

2nd Voted Out

The Big Sleep

25th Put himself to sleep because Yoshi told him to, failing the challenge for his team.
Toadsworth Screaming Shy guys

3rd Voted Out


24th Failed alot in the dodgeball challenge.
E. Gadd Screaming Shy guys

4th Voted Out

Not Quite Famous

23rd Talent was sabatoged by Ludwig which caused it to try to attack Toad.
Morton Screaming Shy guys

5th Voted Out

The Sucky Outdoors

22nd Annoyied everyone on his team and attracted a bear to their camp.
Waluigi Screaming Shy Guys

6th Voted Out

Phobia Factor

21st Failed the final phobia challenge and called Wario fat.
Wario Screaming Shy guys

7th Voted Out

Up the Creek

20th Quit because he felt guilty for voting out Waluigi.
Daisy Killer Koopas

8th Voted Out

Paintball Deerhunt

19th Mauled by a bear and lost the epic gun. This caused Toad to be angered and rig the votes to eliminate her. Steve was originally gonna be eliminated


Killer Koopas

9th Voted Out

If You Can't Take the Heat.....


Poisoned the interns with his tiki and cursed his entire team. Petey was originally gonna go until Roy told everyone about the cursed tiki.

Blooper Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Boo Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended
Bowser Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended
DK Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Dry Bones Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended
Iggy Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Larry Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended
Lemmy Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Luigi Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Ludwig Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Mario Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended
Peach Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Petey Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Roy Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Steve Killer Koopas None None Show ended
Trooper Screaming Shy guys None None Show ended

Screaming Shy guys

None None Show ended
Yoshi Killer Koopas None None Show ended

Voice Cast

Tyler Donnay as Toad, Mario, Bowser, Petey, Yoshi, Wario, Ludwig, Lemmy, Morton, Larry, Trooper, Dry Bones, Boo, Steve, Birdo, BJ, Toadsworth, Michael Jackson, Bear, Interns, and Additional Voices

Emoevan7 as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toadette, Blooper, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Donkey Kong, Waluigi, E. Gadd, Bobei, and Additional Voices


  • Toadal Drama Island was originally going to feature Starlow as a contestant but Petey took her place. Though she does appear a few times throughout the series. She appears at the end of the intro and in The Sucky Outdoors where she distracts Iggy and Lemmy from the challenge.
  • Toadal Drama Action was planned to be the next season of the show, featuring multiple original characters. It was also scrapped when Season 0 was cancelled.
  • Bowser Jr. and Birdo are the only contestants to not recieve a mushroom as they are the first characters voted off of their team.
  • Mario caused or was apart of every elimination except for Morton's.
    • Mario has caused the second most eliminations in the series (with seven). He is beaten by Mimi (with nine).

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