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Team Slurp( Season 1) Daren Dragonite the 3rd (season 2)

Squirtle is a contestant on Total Stuffed Island and a member of Team Slurp. He was a returning contestant in Season 2 and was on Team Daren Dragonite the 3rd

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Squirtle was introduced in New Heights with the rest of the cast. During his interview he says he returned from beating up Ronald Regan. He then randomly screams "HFC". While jumping off the cliff, Squirtle lands fine.

In the next four episodes Squirtle is relatively silent. He doesn't speak or even do anything what so ever in any of the episodes. These episodes are Dreaming About Your Balls, Satan's Balls, and Crock of Crap. The reason for his lack of speaking is unown. It may be because the creators just forgot about him.

He finally regains a speaking role in Mass Elimination. Squirtle says he's gonna beat up Joe Biden. Valentino states he loves Squirtle. Due to making Valentino like him, he was safe and managed to make it all the way to the final 7.

Staying in the final 7 was as easy. In Camera Bash, Valentino askes Squirtle to set up a camera. Squirtle does this but sets the camera up in front of the racecar track. This causes the cars to crash into the camera. Valentino makes Squirtle do this again and he makes the same grave mistake. He is then eliminated by Valentino.


Squirtle is the tough guy of the show. He constantly beats up those who he sees as weak or spineless. The turtle pokemon especially loves hurting political leaders and other people invlolved in the law. Thinking they are all cops on the inside. The only fears Squirtle has are actually the fuzz and cars. For some reason the engines make him wet himself. Some say this is due to a tramatic experience. Others say it's just the chink in his chain as many get aways involve high speed cars. Paths of vomit usually lead the police to his doorstep after he commits a crime.


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