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Sammy is a minor character on The Toad Show.


Sammy came from a planetary explosion. When the planet, known as Lumas, imploaded it released a bunch of star-like creatures named Lumas. The blue luma flew into a small planet and smacked his head. This bang on the head scrambled his mind and made him angry. Rosalina took Sammy in and gave him his name. She raised him but he never became happy again. Starlow, another person who came from the explosion, also came to the planet and was raised as Sammy's sister.


Sammy has many anger issues. This is a common trait among Toad Show characters but for Sammy it is way amplified. Every second of his life has been full of anger and hatred. He'll yell and scream at anybody who offends him and even those who don't. Most of Sammy's live has been full of sad events and hurt feelings. He is very small and many people see his as an object. Examples of this are when he is used as a star on a christmas tree in the Christmas Special and as a present for Peach's Birthday in Party of the Century.


  • Sammy is the only character so far to not be created by ILVGwebmaster or Nintendo, he was created by JCMGamer100.
  • His cousin, named Mason, is his polar opposite. He is Mason's evil counterpart.

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