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Killer Koopas

Rosalina is a minor character on The Toad Show and a contestant on Toadal Drama Returns She ranked 17th place in the competition and ranked 10th place on her team.


Rosalina is a very polite and gentle princess. She cares for nature a lot and always speaks about it to her teammates of how they should be caring and polite to nature. She cares for her team and tries to help them in any possible way, but sometimes she annoys her teammates by talking about nature.She uses magic to destroy things she doesn't like. The only thing she hates is Midbus. She hates him for no specific reason.

Elimination (TDIR) Edit

in the Dream world Luigi and her were walking trougth a forest serching for Toad's nigthmare while Mimi ship shaped into Peach talked to them and then she jumped away, Rosalina told Luigi that it wasn't the princess, it was Mimi and she could sense it and they had to stop Mimi, But Mimi heard it and she promise revenge on Rosalina.

At the end of the Challenge Mimi ship shaped into her and trapped Mario and the member of The Killer Koopas that didn't scape of the Dream World in a house that came of nonwhere, meanwhile the Real Rosalina said GUYS! WE HAVE TO GET OUT ...! But it was too late and at the elimination she was eliminated whit 8 votes against her.


  • Rosalina became the first member of the Killer Koopas to be voted off
  • In her elimination she took it very peacefully and said "if its my time to go, it's my time to go"
  • Before her elimination, Rosalina warned the Screaming Star Sprites that Mimi is evil and to be aware of her
  • Rosalina actually appears in An Average Day in the Life of a Toad, the first episode of The Toad Show, and doesn't speak.

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