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Pouch and her son, named Joey, are contestants on Total Stuffed Island and members of Team Slurp.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Pouch appears for the first time in the episode New Heights. Before she can talk her son tells her to make her a sandwich and calls her a beeotch. She freaks out because she thinks he's gonna kill her. While jumping Pouch yells "weeeeee" while Joey screams loudly.

Pouch appears again in Dreaming About Your Balls. She falls asleep near the end. Her son calls her stupid for this and Valentino gets angered.

Pouch is seen sleeping with the others in Melon vs. Melon. Other than this she does nothing special in this episode.

Pouch's elimination was in Satan's Balls. She was assigned by her team to bake some cookies. Sadly for her and her team, Pouch only made one. Valentino got pissed and told her to make him more or she would be eliminated. She and her son baked up dozens of cookies. However the secret ingredient was Satan's Balls. Valentino eliminated her and Joey for feeding him Satan's balls.


Pouch is very quiet and scared. Her son mentally and physically abuses her. She fears him and does all his bidding. Joey, her son, is obsessed with witchcraft and demonic cults. This causes him to be very insane and abusive to his mom.


  • Joey's name is not said in the actual series.
  • It is possible that Joey is actually possessed by Satan himself.
  • Despite being a baby, Joey's voice is extremely deep. This may be for irony.

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