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Mickey Mouse is a contestant on Total Stuffed Island and was a member of Team Ugh.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Mickey made his first appearance in New Heights. His team didn't get to be interviewed at first. While Valentino is explaining the rules he has his first line. This was "I am Mickey Mouse". He is the first to take the dive and lands perfectly.

In Dreaming About Your Balls, Mickey is the first to fall asleep. He is punched then put in the cage by Valentino. Mickey cries and begs to be let out.

In Melon Vs. Melon, Mickey is seen sleeping with the rest of the cast. During his perverted speech, Valentino seems to be very harsh on Mickey. He gets in his face and says he's watching him. Valentino expects that Mickey is planning "Full Body Lubrication" on him. Valentino has no clue what this means however.

Mickey does nothing in Satan's Balls. However Valenino flips out at him again in Crock of Crap. Valentino says he may get voted out. Mickey replies saying he's "well aware of that".

Mickey's official elimination was in Mass Elimination. Mickey fell on Valentino and crushed him. Valentino said he hated him forever and eliminated him afterwards.


Mickey is self obsessed. He constantly talks about himself. The mouse rarely says any other word but his own name, making him similar to a pokemon. Despite only saying "Mickey", he is still able to speak in english. Mickey is shown to be a clutz. He falls over and hurts himself and others often. Valentino has a budding rivalry with the character. The two butt heads commonly.


  • According to Valentino, Mickey is the one he hates the most.
  • It's suprising he has still lasted as Valentino hates him more than everyone else.

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