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Minor Character and Contestant




Petey, Monty, Wiggler, and Froggy


Kamek, Wario, and Hobo Koopa

Voice actor


Majjigger is a minor character on The Toad Show and has been mentioned on Toadal Drama Island.


Majjigger is an animal. He acts no differently than the other pet characters on The Toad Show. Petey loves his little Majjigger and would never let anything happen to him. Majjigger only speaks through animal noises by squeaks and barks. Other than that Majjigger is a very unown character. Little is known about the cute pet and things may stay that way.


Majjigger is mentioned often but rarely appears. Many traits are implyed about the creature by Petey and his gang.

  • Petey can flack it. Flacking means to pluck feathers from. This is stated in The Halloween Special.
  • The main food in it's diet is bear meat. This is stated in Petey's House Tour.
  • It enjoys sleeping on hay. Also stated in Petey's house Tour.
  • Majjigger eats alot of furniture. As stated in Party of the Century. However Wiggler was the one who ate the furniture. Monty did say that Majjigger still likes eating it.
  • Majjigger enjoys raisins. As seen in Party of the Century.


  • Majjigger is actually a spearhead from Wario Land.
  • Majjigger's name has many different spellings. Majigger, Majjiger, and Majiger are all ways his name has ben spelt.
  • Majjigger is more of a cameo character than he is a minor character, however he appears to much to be a cameo character.
  • Majjigger actually only appears twice, in The I Made It Video and Party of the Century. Both were actually very short appearences.
  • "I Can Flack the Majjigger" is one of the most quoted lines in ILVG videos.

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