Jimmy's first apearence

Jimmy is an inter on Toadal Drama Island Returns he is a hammer bro and it's the second head inter after Bobei.

He originaly was going to be Toad's co-host but Toad resigned and killed him but two episodes later he come back to life becouse he stole and signed one of Toad's contrats and become the second head inter

Personality Edit

Jimmy is usually a happy guy but if Toad amenazates him he gets scared.

Relationships Edit

He interacts whit the campers even tougth they even don't now that he exits, he admires Toad and is prud of him whitout realicing that Toad treats him like crap, He hangs out and works whit Bobei becouse he was the only person who was nice to him when he arrived the island, the other inters don't notice him.

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy is the first inter that isn't a mexican Shy Guy
  • Jimmy fries the Canon of Losers.

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