ILVG Top 10s
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Top 10 Greatest Mario Characters in History

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Episode Length

Around 8 minutes


Top 10

ILVG Top 10s is a show created by ILVGwebmaster. It features ILVGwebmaster and occasionally a guest star naming off their top 10s.


ILVGwebmaster as himself

MrJaxboy as himself

JCMGamer100 as himself

Y05H1M4N as himself

BigBooKid92 as himself

Top 10 ListsEdit

List 1: ILVG's Top 10 Greatest Mario Characters in History

List 2: ILVG's Top 10 Total Drama Island Contestants

List 3: Top 10 Battle For Dream Island Contestants

List 4: ILVG's Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

List 5: Top 10 Video Game Series

List 6: ILVG's Top 6 Disney Villain Songs


  • ILVGwebmaster expressed interest in making top 10s before the show came out.
  • Originally, the show was ment to come out every Thursday. Now the show has no true schedule.

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