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Hoops was a former contestant on Total Stuffed Island and was a member of Team Ugh until his elimination in episode 2.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Hoops first appeared in New Heights. His team didn't get to have an interview so he wasn't developed well. During the challenge he refuses to jump. Valentino tries to convince him to jump but he refuses as he doesn't want to "hurt his skills".

Hoops final appearence and elimination episode was in Dreaming About Your Balls. He gives Valentino a suggestion to get Ching-Chong out. Hoops says he should go inside the cage and yank him down. Valentino considers it but says if it doesn't work it's all Hoops' fault. Sadly later on Hoops falls asleep. The rest of his Teamates hide him so Valentino doesn't see. When Valentino finds out about this he gets very angry. His anger is only heightened when he finds out Hoops was dreaming about his balls. This forces Valentino to eliminate him out of spite.

In Satan's Balls, Hoops makes a short cameo. After being eliminated, Pouch is thrown on a chair. Mesprit, Hoops, Spoink, and Turkey all appear sitting on the chair.


Hoops is a jock if there ever was one. He's obsessed with basketball and almost everyother sport. The Bear even carries around a basketball as a reminder of his obsession of the sport. However despite being very muscular and tough, Hoops is very cowardly. He often refuses to do scary or hard things. His excuse is he doesn't want to hurt his skills. Hoops isn't very strong either, he just acts like it.


  • Though not revealed in Total Stuffed Island, Hoops is in fact the son of Crack Bear.
  • Many characters refer to him as Jock or Jock Bear instead of Hoops.

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