Flip is ILVGwebmaster's first and only camera.

A flip Camera of the same design as Flip.


ILVGwebmaster got Flip in Christmas 2009. It was his favorite gift fo that year. He used it to record a video showing all his gifts which eventually became ILVGwebmaster's first live-action vid to show his face. In the same week he recorded a Pikachu and Waffles Adventure Short, The Retarded Ben 10 series, and A video called How To Be Retarded. The latter two were never uploaded as one of the actors, Dennis, wasn't allowed to be on youtube. Since his first videos, Flip has been used as the channel's main camera.


  • As it is his name, All ILVG staff refer to him as "Flip" or "The Flip".
  • His name comes from the type of camera he is.
  • ILVGwebmaster may replace Flip for another camera, the FlipHD.
  • Though flip cameras are considered the worst kind, ILVG wouldn't settle for anything better than Flip.