No. in series No. in season Title Release Date Views (as of Nov. 1, 2016)
101 01 "An Explosive Welcome- Part 1" June 27th, 2014 92.3K
Toad welcomes a cast of 20 Mario characters to compete for 1 million dollars. The cast is separated into 2 teams of 10, the Screaming Star Sprites and the Killer Koopas. After a tour around the camp Toad instructs the campers to find his hidden interns. The campers set off to find them.
102 02 "An Explosive Welcome- Part 2" July 4th, 2014 48.6K
The two teams scramble to connect with one another as they search for the interns. The Killer Koopas get split up after Petey gets spooked by one of Rosalina's stories. Waluigi believes he knows where the interns are buried but accidentally leads his team to Toad's money stash.
103 03 "Where There's A Will, There's A Wendy" July 11th, 2014 43.6K
Kamek turns Wendy back into her normal form and she vows to destroy the others for keeping her in an item block. Toad tasks the others to find a rare bean to make his morning coffee, at the top of Mt. Toadstone. While Yoshi is being chased by Birdo and Boo admits she's afraid of heights, Daisy puts her team to sleep, using a magic dance, by mistake. Bowser and Mario brawl over the bean.
104 04 "Smoulder Boulders" July 18th, 2014 44K
Toadsworth bombardes the others with concerns about Peach's safety, annoying everyone. Toad's interns become fed up with Toad's harassment and destroy his beloved statues before attempting to leave, which Toad stops. Toad tasks the campers to repair his statues after an inital rock toss to determine a team advantage. Peach snaps at Toadsworth for being too overprotective, while Toadette berates Wario and Goombella for being useless.
105 05 "Total Dreamy Island" July 25th, 2014 43.3K
Toad sends the campers into his dreams to defeat a nightmarish creature. Kamek uses this time to form an alliance with Wario and Daisy, while the girls of the Screaming Star Sprites, save for Mimi, create a temporary alliance. Mimi tries to sever the alliances on her team. The challenge goes ary when campers start dying at the hands of the nightmare and Toad calls for an evacuation before the campers are trapped in the nightmare forever. One camper gets framed for the dream destruction.
106 06 "Dark and Desperate" August 2nd, 2014 36.9K
The campers are caught off gaurd by loud monstrous sounds, and Toad informs them that due to their absence over the past few years, many monsters now inhabit the island's waters. The challenge becomes to defeat the mysterious underwater monster so Bobei can get contracts for the new interns. Yoshi admits his fear of water, which baffles everyone, while Toadette criticizes Kamek's cloak. Ultimately, Mimi transforms into Mario and uses Goombella's promise from the night prior to get Goombella to throw the challenge, leading to the Star Sprites third win in a row.
107 07 "Crapture the Flag" August 8th, 2014 40.7K
Birdo and Boo form a friendship alongside Peach's as they plot to eliminate Mimi. During the challenge, which is extreme capture the flag, Jimmy accidentally put all of the weapons into the Killer Koopa's crate. The Star Sprites split up to get the challenge done. Birdo hides her flag but after a grenade explosion, Birdo is forced to release everyone from the restart prison. Because Jimmy forgot to label the buttons Birdo causes the prison to explode leading to the Killer Koopa's victory.
108 08 "Bear Basics" August 22nd, 2014 33.7K
The challenge is to camp out in the woods and make it back to home base by sunrise. Due to the odd vote at the previous elimination ceremony, Peach is on the outs and is isolated by her team. Starlow attempts to be a shoulder for Peach to cry on and offers her a gift. Toadette and Starlow continue to get into heated arguments about leadership, which all falls apart, when Peach leads her team to victory as she grows a new spine to take down Mimi.
109 09 "The Jimmyjanga Chase" September 5th, 2014 46.6K
Upon realizing that Toad can make a profit off of Jimmy's new treat, he fires the Jimmyjangas to Yoshi's Island and makes the challenge to sell as many as possible. The Killer Koopas begin to ignore Toadette, while Starlow continues to try and throw challenges for Peach. Daisy and Carl collect the most coins on their team. After Kamek attempts to stop the Star Sprites from winning, Mimi takes a blow for Peach rendering her unable to return the others to the main island. Mario becomes a hero and saves everyone from an exploding island. Peach seizes the opportunity to make amends with Bowser and Mimi.
110 10 "Catastrophe in the Kitchen" September 20th, 2014 44.4K
The campes become fed up with the food and Toad decides to have a cooking challenge. The Killer Koopas are confident because Petey has showed them his cooking abilities, despite several warnings from Petey's friends Monty Mole and Bob-omb Billy. Mimi continues to fake liking Peach, which Peach is oblivious too. One teams' dishes gets burnt to a crisp while the others' is plagued with disgusting ingredients.
111 11 "Don't Mansion It" October 4th, 2014 34K
Toad sets the campers off to race through a haunted mansion. Mimi attempts to pin future blame on Bowser to vote him off, while Petey gets scared away by a ghostly Luigi. Unable to retrieve Petey the remaining Killer Koopas press onward. Boo leads her team to a dead end filled with ghosts, and the Star Sprites lose Mimi on the way to the exit. Jimmy and Daisy's incompetence leads to the mansion being blown up and Starlow's charade is caught in the act.
112 12 "Island Anonymous" October 19th, 2014 31.8K
While announcing the merge Toad warns everyone that the island is falling apart due to it being unkept. The challenge sets the final 10 in pairs to repair the island. Daisy and Carl take a detour to the island's inner hub to override the island manually. Mimi is disgusted by Peach and Bowser's relationship and vows to vote one of them off no matter who wins immunity. Yoshi and Kamek fight, Boo and Bowser become lazy, and Peach and Mimi never finish. Carl ultimately overrides the island using the island's reset button, but the praise is given to Petey (and Luigi). During one of the craziest elimination ceremony's yet, Petey makes a rash decision.
113 13 "Finders Keepers" November 23rd, 2014 35K
In order to pay off loans and debts of his past Toad sets the campers off to Bowser's Castle to raid his treasury. Peach and Boo's bond brings them closer which Mimi doesn't like. Daisy goes out of her way to avenge Carl, but ends up upsetting everyone so much that, despite Mimi's original plan, Daisy is eliminated.
114 14 "Super Bowser 64" January 11th, 2014 34.2K
Bowser, upset about all the lying and betrayal, burns the camp and captures Peach. With Toad unconscious Jimmy takes charge and sends the remaining campers to stop Bowser and rescue Peach. Boo and Mimi engage in conflict while Petey shrinks Kamek. Boo saves Peach and is granted immunity, but upon Peach's request, thinking it will further her game, Peach eliminates Bowser.
115 15 "Just Cold Karted" March 11th, 2015 28.7K
Boo, Yoshi and Peach all have conflicting ideas for who should be eliminated next, which puts the three at an impass. Toad concocts the next challenge as a kart race, which is deemed impossible for Boo to complete, so she is rendered out of the challenge. After racing through many worlds Mimi is granted immunity into the final 5. Etiher Kamek or Peach is the intended target, and Mimi puts her plan into action to get Yoshi's vote.
116 16 "Tragic Magic" June 6th, 2015 39K
The campers must save the island once again as the monsters have become active. Toad is captured by a monster and Mimi snaps turning into her own monster. Kamek sets out search for his magic wand, while Petey continously grows larger due to unintentional magical antics. Boo attempts to save Peach from an enraged Mimi, but is unable as Mimi completes the challenge. However because Petey killed the monsters he won immunity. Kamek, Peach, Petey and Boo all reconclie at the end, until Kamek is threatened by Mimi.
117 17 "Revenge of the Cameos" December 31st, 2015 25.3K

The cameos of the past have set sail for the Island in hopes of killing Toad and the others who wronged them over the season. Peach, Petey and Kamek compete in the final challenge after vocalizing their strategies for the finale. Due to Boo's status she is unable to compete again. Kamek's cockiness leads to his elimination after Petey completes his line of eliminated heads. Petey quits moments later due to no one saving him as he was choking, leaving the final two as Boo and Peach.

After a lengthy back-and-forth with the elimination contestants Boo and Peach are greeted with their final challenge, a race around the island completing the challenges of episodes prior while collecting Yoshi eggs. The two are greeted at the end of the course with cheers as Boo's basket arrives with one more egg than Peach's. At the end of the episode Morton Koopa is reading a letter that arrived discussing another chance to compete for 1 million dollars.

Sp001 n/a "Road to the Special- Part 1: Just Deserts" April 2nd, 2016 9.2K
Daisy, Toadette, Waluigi, Wario and Bowser find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert after attempting to get to the studio for the Special nearly a month after the arrival date. Bowser and Toadette blame Daisy, while Jimmy is concerned.
Sp002 n/a "Road to the Special- Part 2: E.Gadd's Rescue Squad" July 23rd, 2016 4.9K
Lemmy, Larry and Donkey Kong join E.Gadd in his laboratory to attempt to retrieve the members stuck in the desert. However, E.Gadd mistakes one of his inventions for a teleporter and turns DK, Lemmy and himself into sandwiches.
Sp003 n/a "Road to the Special- Part 3: Trouble in Toad Town" August 27th, 2016 3.3K
Yoshi, Bowser Jr and Trooper head to Toad Town to find a part to fix the Sandwich-a-tron and reverse the effects of E.Gadd's sandwich machine. Unfortunately, Bowser Jr gets his hands on a magic wand and begins to control the Toads, forcing them to do his biddings.
Sp004 n/a "Toadal Drama Island Returns Special: A Second Beginning" September 1st, 2016 14.7K
The cast of Toadal Drama, with he exception of Mario, Toadette and Petey, come together as requested by Toad at an unspecified location in Donut Plains. As it turns out, the space is being used by Jimmy to host interviews for everyone as a chance to get onto season 2, and another chance to win another million dollars.