Elimination is the process in Toadal Drama Returns in where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants.

Place and what happens Edit

the elimination occurs during a camp fire ceremony. Toad will hand out a mushroom to the contestants who are safe, and whoever doesn't receive one is eliminated. Generally, elimination ceremony happen at night.                                                                                                               

Elimination methodsEdit

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According to Toad, once a contestant rides on the sling of shame or the cannon of losers, they can never come back. Some characters like Rosalina have not taken the sling of shame nor the cannon of losers, others like Toadsworth and Wario, have willingly quit for purpose reasons and others like Daisy took some more contestants with them.

Eliminations Edit


An explosive welcome Part 2: The Screaming Star Sprites lost: Waluigi was eliminated

If there's a will there's a Wendy: The Screaming Star Sprites lost: Wendy was eliminated

Smoulder Boulders: The Killer Koopas lost: Toadsworth from the oposite team quit

Total Dremy Island: The Killer Koopas lost: Rosalina was eliminated

Dark and desesperate: The Killer Koopas lost: Goombella was eliminated

Capture the flag: The Screaming Star Spriters lost: Birdo was eliminated

Bear Basics: The Killer Koopas lost: Wario quit

The Jimmy Janga chase: The Screaming Star Sprites lost: Mario was eliminated

Catastrophe in the Kitchen: The Killer Koopas lost: Toadette was eliminated

Don't Mansion it: The Killer Koopas lost: Starlow was eliminated

Merge Edit

Island Anonymous: Petey and Luigi won immunity: Carl was eliminated

Finders Keepers: Boo won the immunity: Daisy and Luigi were eliminated

Supe Bowser 64: Boo won imunity: Bowser was elminated

Just Cold Karted: Mimi won immunity: Yoshi was eliminated 

Tragic Magic: Petey won immunity: Mimi was eliminated 

Revenge Of The Cameos: Petey won the first challenge: Kamek(Trooper) was eliminated then Petey quit, Peach loses the final challenge and becomes the runner-up, Boo wins the final challenge and becomes the winner