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Not Quite Famous


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Screaming Shy Guys

Professor Elvin Gadd is a minor character on The Toad Show and was a contestant on Toadal Drama Island. He was a member of the Screaming Shy Guys until he became the 4th eliminated in Not Quite Famous.


E. Gadd was a young inventor born in Germany. He wished to become a household name. His time came when he fell into a teleporter he was inventing and he transported to the Mushroom Kingdom. He went to ghostland and bought a small hut next to a mansion. Years later, Luigi found the partially psychotic inventor and brought him to the Peach's Castle. She decided to have him invent stuff for them. Since then E. Gadd has been a widely known inventor in the Mushroom Kingdom.


E. Gadd is a very smart character. He uses big words and can invent anything. E. Gadd is smarter than Ludwig and has a huge rivalry with the evil inventor Koopa. He talks very little on The Toad Show and on Toadal Drama Island andd doesn't have alot of development. E. Gadd is like Toadsworth and has old people problems due to his age.


For E. Gadd's talent he made a robot resembling Toad Man from Mega Man. It had the ability to demolish anything in sight. During the Talent Show, Ludwig snuck off set at sabotaged E. Gadd's machine. He programed the robot to target Toad. While he was presenting the robot, it went haywire and tried to destroy Toad. Toad gave im a zero out of ten. This score forced the team to lose the challenge. His team voted him out, it was between Morton.


  • E. Gadd is a good scientist. However Peach uses Ludwig's inventions more.
  • He is the most inuman looking human in The Toad Show and Toadal Drama Island.
  • E. Gadd can be seen climbing on tall characters on Toadal Drama Island such as Bowser and DK.
  • Many of his robots are from Megaman, similarly to Ludwig.

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