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Donkey Kong is the main antagonist on Pikachu and Waffles Adventures. His stupidity makes everyone annoyed with him.


Donkey Kong was born in the Kongo Jungle. He lived with his fellow Kongs in peace and harmony. That is until Donkey Kong had his accident. While running around being a monkey, he found a golden banana. It was said to give him unheard of intellegence. He devoured the banana in a single gulp and became the smartest kong alive. However kongs are not too bright so that wasn't saying much. Infact his I.Q. was about equal to that of a toddler's. He became very annoying and childish, driving the jungle into pure insanity. Poachers found him and caught him. During the ride on the plane the poachers put him on, he escaped and fell onto Pikachu and Waffles. Soon after hilarity enseued.


Donkey Kong is extermely irritating. He unknowingly annoys and bugs everyone. Donkey Kong causes trouble for the cast. Usually he does something to cause trouble and the main characters have to stop him. He is completely oblivious to the fact that he causes trouble. Donkey Kong even apologizes if he knows he did wrong. He is also very dumb. Being the smartest of the Kongs, monkeys do see him as smart but nobody else does. His lack of common sense also makes trouble for those around him.


Donkey Kong is one of the most hated characters in ILVG history. Every character on Pikachu and Waffles Adventures dispises the Kong. His stupidity causes many to be killed or hurt. He can annoy the other characters and make them get extremely angry. Waffles even went as far as to sell him to Crack Bear for a Wild Cherry Coke. The only character who likes Donkey Kong, more like can stand him, is Max. Max has a kind heart and hates nobody so it can be understood that he likes Donkey Kong.


  • Donkey Kong is not the same character as the one on The Toad Show.
  • He is not refered to as DK as his Toad Show counterpart is.
  • Donkey Kong isn't extremely antagonistic and often causes problems on accident. However an antagonist is a person who causes conflict for the main characters and Donkey Kong does cause conflict.
  • He is one of the few plushes on Pikachu and Waffles Adventures to have a part of his body be plastic. He head is completely plastic.
  • He has the most enemies of any main antagonist, even more than Mario.