Demented Thwomp






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Bowser Jr. and Afro Koopa


Kamek and Whomp

Voice actor


Demented Thwomp is a minor character on The Toad Show, an interviewee on The Toad Show Interviews, and a contestant on the upcoming show Toadal Drama Action.


Demented Thwomp is a Youtube poop addict. He only speaks in lines from Youtube Poop videos. Many of his common sayings are "Imma Firen Mah Lazor" and "It's over 9000". Demented Thwomp is obviously demented. He yells crazy things often and is a very violent character. His favorite activity is crushing people. Dimented Thwomp falls and crushes anybody who walks under him. He has a huge rivalry with Whomp because they both enjoy smooshing things.


  • Demented Thwomp's name was spelt Dimented Thwomp in most of his appearences until ILVGwebmaster found out that's not how you spell it.
  • Demented Thwomp is the only character to speak but have no voice actor. This is due to him only speaking in Youtube Poop lines.
  • His name shortened is D. Thwomp.
  • He is the second interviewee to kill Toad, the first was Annoying Orange.
  • He is based on the thwomps from the Newgrounds show The Thwomps.
  • Most thwomps are grey, however Dimented Thwomp is blue. Some thwomps can be seen as blue but they never have the spikes.
  • Demented Thwomp had a redesign after his first appearence to look different and unique.

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