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Chi-Chi, Black Yoshi, Crack Bear, and Crack Yoshi


Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Waffles

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Crack Rat is an antagonist on Pikachu and Waffles Adventures.


Crack Rat, formerly known as Rizzo, was a member of the Muppets. He sold the others drugs while they were all off set. Kermit the frog got word of Rizzo's drug dealing ways and kicked him out of the Muppet gang. Crack Rat left behind all of his friends, even the Great Gonzo. He took to the streets because that's what he knew best. Crack Rat trained himself to be a succesful con artist and drug dealer. One day while looking for slaves, he came across Crack Bear's slave booth. There he bought his slave girl, Chi Chi, and became her buddy/pimp.


Crack Rat is sly and cunning. He is the best con artist who ever lived. His skills are so great he could convice you to sell your whole family to him for little more than a thumb-tack and some lint. Crack Rat is very abusive and mean towards Chi Chi but truely could not live without her. He is only violent because he feels its the only way to keep her around. Though not a drug-lord like Crack Bear, Crack Rat is one of the most successful drug dealers around. Crack Rat has gay tendencies as seen when Donkey Kong was sold to him. Also, like Pikachu, he is a porography addict.


  • Crack Rat's nose is full of crack and he usually pulls it out and sells it to people.
  • His most frequent victims are Psyduck and Turtwig.
  • Crack Rat enjoys eating Cheese dipped in crack cocain.
  • Crack Rat has many dental hygene issues.
  • The shows creators enjoy stuffing things in the huge hole in Crack Rat's nose. Whether it be other characters or weapons, the dude always has something new up there.


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