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Emoevan7, Tyler Donnay

Bobei is an intern on Toadal Drama Island. He is a green fat shy guy and is head intern.


Bobei is a fat mexican fat guy. He enjoys eating and playing mexican games with the other interns. The fat guy can eat two times his body weight in a single sitting. Bobei, being an intern, is beaten and abused often. Staff and Contestants alike beat this poor guy. Though he is the highest ranking intern, this doesn't protect him one bit. However it does seem that Bobei has a greater chance of survival than the other interns. He is Toad's most trusted assistant and is actually used more often than Toadette!


Bobei does little to interact with the contestants. However he does have negative relationships with the rest of staff. Toad constantly sacrafices the fat guy for the sake of entertainment and often treats him badly. It is seen in If You Can't Take the Heat.... that Toad may actually care about Bobei, as Bobei is the intern he choses to save. Also he seems to be more used then Toadette by Toad. Toadette is mean to him and often demonstrates challenges on Bobei. He loves the rest of the interns who are infact his actual brothers. Bobei cries when they are killed and actually cares for them, unlike everyone else.


  • Bobei appeared in a review made by one of ILVG's fans. it was a review of the game Ninjabreadman.
  • Bobei drives the Boat of Losers.
  • Bobei seems to be the one who escorts the contestants off the camp.
  • Bobei was ment to be a one time character. After his reappearence in episode's 2 and 3, ILVGwebmaster and Emoevan7 decided to have him be a constantly appearing character.
  • When he fell off the cliff in episode 2 it was ment to be his actual death scene, but he came back to life and became the main intern.
  • On Toadal Drama Island Returns it was revelated that the reason that why he always revives it's becouse his contract doesn't let him die.
  • Bobei's name was supposed to be Bobby, but ILVGwebmaster pronounced it funny and the name stuck.