An Explosive Welcome Part 1

First Aired

June 27,2014


Teams must race through the woods and find Toads interns before they suffocate.

Number of Contestants



No one

This season introduces a mix of twenty crazy, silly and loving campers which have to compete for one million dollars. As the contestants arrive at the camp, they realize that they have to live in a dump, deal with a crazy host and outlast everyone around them. Two teams are formed, the Screaming Star Sprites and the Killer Koopas.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Toad introducing the new season and the concept of the show, which features the competing contestants participating in dreadful challenges. He then introduces the contestants one by one, some of them are new and others are old. Throughout the episode campers are finding out where they are going to live and spend their time for the next couple of weeks. New characters are being introduced which means more drama and mystery to the show and a new villain has arrived to the camp, however no one knows a single detail about her. After all the contestants are introduced, Toad separates them into two teams. Mario, Bowser, Yoshi, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Peach, Birdo, Boo, Mimi, and Wendy make the team, the Screaming Star Sprites. While, Luigi, Wario, Carl, Kamek, Petey, Daisy, Starlow, Toadette, Rosalina, and Goombella make the team, the Killer Koopas. After being put into teams, the contestants are forced to find Toad's interns in the forest, first team to find them wins immunity.


Killer Koopas
Luigi Daisy Carl Toadette Kamek
Images luiga
Images daisy
Paper Shy Guy
Images kamek
Starlow Petey Rosalina Wario Goombella
ML2 Pete
Images rosalina
Images wario
Screaming Star Sprites
Mario Peach Yoshi Birdo Toadsworth
TDR Mario
Princess P
TDR Yoshi
TDR Birdo
TDR Toadsworth
Boo Waluigi Mimi Bowser Wendy
TD Boo
Little waluigi
TDR Bowser
Little wendy