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Afro Koopa is a minor character on The Toad Show.


Afro was born in Africaland, a very little known land in the Mushroom Kingdom. He was apart of a tribe of Black Koopas. While taking a slime bath, Bowser remembered he owned part of Africaland and sent Trooper to gather some new Koopas from there. Trooper did as Bowser ordered and used the koopa clown car to abduct ten of the black koopas. Nine of the ten died along the ride. Afro was the sole survivor. Trooper attempted to train Afro and did a very successful job. Sadly he did his job to well, Afro shot Bowser five times in the chest after he passed training because of a racist comment Bowser made about black people's shooting abilities. Afro was inhonorably discharged from the Koopa Troop and ventured to find a new job.


Afro Koopa is on a seemingly endless job hunt. He can appear doing any job at any time. On The Toad Show, he'll usually appear working some random job or he'll just be standing around. Afro is black. He is a very ghetto Koopa and is similar to Black Yoshi. Afro carries a glock around 24/7 so that nobody will steal his things. He is also a homophobe and will kill any gay person he sees. Afro doesn't kill them unless he sees them being gay so some are safe. The koopa is very sensitive and may blow up when his feelings are hurt. He is especially sensitive to racism. Infact he thinks everything is racist. If somebody doesn't give him something or denies his job applications he'll think they're being racist.


  • Afro's name comes from two places. The first is his hair, the second is his race. He's Africain american. Africain sounds like Afro-cain.
  • Afro Koopa highly resembles Black Yoshi in personality.
  • He actually never appears in Party of the Century making him the only character to not appear in that episode.
  • Afro Koopa is rivals with Mohawk because both have names based on their hair style.
  • Afro Koopa is the first character listed in alphabetical order.